• Read the terms before proceeding.

    Any donations made to our server will be for own use, so the money will be used for things such as Internal Resources, Paying the host and for some other things for the benefit of the game.

    The whole process of purchasing and delivery is done automatically! Our system is integrated with the "IPN (Instant Payment Notification)" Pay-Pal, which receives all data from your purchase, if the points are not sent to you in a matter of minutes, until the whole process is completed, the administrator will check your case and add the points manually for you. Be aware that fraud attempts may compromise various data and result into a ban of the "MAC (Media Access Control)" preventing your access to any account registered to our servers, higer level problems such as data theft or points theft will result into a big problem between us, that can lead to judiciary actions.

    We are not responsible for any mistakes made by you after sending the points, for example if you get hacked and your points are spent in a manner that is not your will, eg. "A hacker can get your account via spywares, which is your fault, and spends points by buying items and sending them to another character", We will not make any kind of refund, if the accounts loses its Points because of our system's mistake, we'll return everything in items/points.

    You can buy different unique items in our many shops which include unique items for donors, it is worth remembering that buying these items and be featured as a donor does not give you any different rank in front of us, every player is equal to us!

    You must understand that, this is a voluntary donation and is not refundable or objectionable at any time for any reason, we reward you for your donation with points, that can be used to buy items, that's our way of saying "Thanks"! If the server will close which is unlikely to happen, but..we cannot predict the future, we will not make refunds for any donations made by you to us, please remember that it was your will and you wanted to do it, make sure to remember this when donating.

    If the reward received for making a donation is stolen or lost, we will not be responsible for your loss. Refunding of the items will be made only if it is a problem with our system / server and / or dynamics of the game, if it is discovered and proven.

    I agree and accept the terms, wish to proceed.