How to Get Points ?

  • How to get points?

    There are two ways of getting points, but there are multiple point types, so there are different methods for each point type. Firsty, there are Gift Points..what are they good for ? With these points you can buy items in the "Gift Shop" . These can be get from voting or Spend Time In Game ,

    There is no way to "pay" for these points, they are free, however, they can only be obtained using the two methods mentioned above: By voting or Stay Online In Game

    Questions and answers about the system about the "Gift Points"

    • Question: How Can I Get G-Points by Code Event ?

      Answer:You Will Get A G-point Code And Password So Imply Enter That On Website (After Login Go To Claim Gift Code ) .
    • Question: How Can I Get G-Points by Spending Time In Game ?

      Answer: You Will Get 10 G-Points Ech Hour That You Spend On Game But For Claim The G-Points You Have To Login On Website And Click On Side Bar Play Game And Get G-Points .
    • Question: Do you need to be logged-in to be able to vote ?

      Answer: Yes! In order to get points to your account, you must be logged in, our system can only give you points if you're logged in.

    How to get Donate Points or "D-Points"?

    The donation points are clearly easier to obtain by paying, in addition to be fast and better, our system is configured to automatically notify the payment of points, for example, if you purchase 300 points by paying $10, after the payment will be confirmed, paypal will notify our system that you made a payment, it will automatically insert points into your account immediately!

    Important! We have a fast host, but that doesn't guarantee us that it will be running smoothly all the time, so, we strongly recommend that you take a screenshot everytime you make a payment, make sure it contains the Transaction ID, the transactor's name, Date and Time! It's really important for your own good!